All our visiting Allied health professionals are independant health providers.
Audiologists are specialists who assess how well people hear, and they use various technologies and therapies to help people with
hearing and balance problems.
Services provided include:-
  • Adult and Paediatric Audiometric Hearing testing (age 2 and a half onwards) incl. tympanometry.
  • Free services for Pensioners and eligible DVA card holders (incl. free hearing aids).
  • Hearing aid fittings (most brands), repairs, batteries and accessories.
  • Absolute latest technology including noise reduction.
  • Rehabilitation services.
  • Earmoulds, earplugs for swimming, hearing protection, musicians.
  • Audio monitors for musicians and racing car drivers.
  • Ear wax removal (curette and syringing).

Audiology services are provided in the practice by WHAT Hearing. Italian spoken fluently by Damian O’Connor, the principal Audiologist

Please contact them on Ph: 02 9420 2300 for more information about their services, or you can go onto their website