Our general practitioners play a central role in the delivery of health care management to our practice community. General Practitioners are recognised medical specialists. To view the details of our individual doctors please see Our Doctors page. Our practice doctors work together as a team so if your usual doctor is absent from the practice any of the other doctors are able to provide you medical care.

A General Practitioner :-

  • Is most likely the first point of contact in matters of personal health
  • Coordinates the care of patients and refers patients to other specialists
  • Cares for patients in a whole of person approach and in the context of their work, family and community
  • Cares for patients of all ages, both sexes, children and adults across all disease categories
  • Cares for patients over a period of their lifetime
  • Provides advice and education on health care

Our services include:

  • Childhood immunisations – including 4 year old health kids checks.
  • Woman’s Health – Pap smears, Insertion of Implanon, Contraceptive advice, Pregnancy/Fertility Counselling
  • Men’s Health General health, Prostrate checks, Heart checks, E.D. advice
  • Aged Care Services – 75+ health assessments
  • Veterans Care – including the CVC program
  • Travel vaccinations (including Yellow Fever) and advice
  • Skin checks and minor surgery
  • Comprehensive Health Assessments – for Diabetes, Asthma and other chronic diseases
  • ECG & Spirometry
  • Mental Health Services – Counselling for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues
  • Home visits – are provided for long term patients if you are too unwell to come to the surgery