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Travel Clinic

Northbridge Medical Practice is a member of Travel Clinics Australia & The International Society of Travel Medicine

We provide a complete range of travel vaccinations and travel health care services to individuals, families, all our patients.

Some vaccinations require a series of injections for many weeks before departure. Please contact us as early as possible before travelling.

Our doctors will need to know the countries to be visited, length of stay in each country, time of the year in each country (season), type of accommodation (5 Star hotel or tent) and type of travel (bus tour or backpack). With this information we can provide you with a detailed destination report.

  • We provide all travel vaccinations and give expert travel advice personalised for your trip.
  • We are WHO (World Health Organisation) approved to administer yellow fever vaccinations.
  • All necessary vaccines, antimalarials and other medications, and travellers’ health kits are available on site.

Travel Clinics Australia is the largest national association of travel medicine clinics in Australia.
Did you know that people travelling overseas have uo to a 1 in 2 chance of suffering a travel related illness?
Reduce your risk of illness with a medical checkup. Personalised advice will help to protect your health overseas.
Vaccinations may be necessary for protection against diseases you may encounter, for routine health measures or as legal requirements for entry into some countries.

For more information please go to the Travel Clinic Australia website


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