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damian o'connor, audiologist at northbridge medical practice

ABN 91 118 110 222

BSc DipAud MAudA (CCP)


Damian O'Connor

what the hearing centre at northbridge medical practice

All visiting Allied Health professionals at Northbridge Medical Practice operate as independent health providers, managing their own bookings and billing processes.


For more information, please visit The Hearing Centre website:

With over 25 years of dedicated experience, Damian excels in ensuring that accurately fitted hearing aids result in improved communication with family and friends. What sets him apart is his commitment to providing a consistently friendly and caring service, making a meaningful difference in the lives of his clients.


Unlike many other clinics, Damian offers a personalised touch, ensuring that you see the same professional every time in a caring and professional manner. Damian believes in transparency, ensuring that clients are shown and explained their hearing test results. The uniqueness of his approach lies in offering a variety of brands for hearing aids, enabling clients to choose based on their specific needs and budget.

Damian's expertise shines through in the precision of his fittings, ensuring accuracy while tailoring the experience to individual preferences. Beyond the fitting process, he takes the time to train clients in using and maintaining their aids, leaving them with the confidence to navigate their hearing journey. Damian's commitment extends to ensuring that the aids function seamlessly even in noisy environments, allowing users to stream music and phone calls with ease.

For Damian, the greatest joy lies in witnessing the transformative impact of his work, as reflected in the smiles of those who exclaim, "WOW! I can hear so much better." Damian O'Connor has been an integral part of the Northbridge Medical Practice for over 18 years, and you can benefit from his expertise every Wednesday morning at the Northbridge Medical Practice or on other days at the Lane Cove head office.


  • Hearing assessments adults and children (over 3 years of age)

  • Free pensioner/DVA services

  • Tympanometry (a middle ear/eardrum test)

  • Speech in noise testing

  • Hearing aid fittings, accessories

  • Rechargeable hearing aids

  • Competitive pricing

  • Mobile phone streaming of calls or other audio

  • Wireless TV devices and mics

  • Repairs most brands

  • Earmoulds and earplugs

  • Workers Compensation

  • Pilots/Divers hearing tests

  • Wax clearing

  • Tinnitus management/options

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