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Travel clinic at northbridge medical practice

Travel Vaccines

Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that Northbridge Medical Practice is your trusted partner in travel health. As an accredited member of The International Society of Travel Medicine, this practice aligns with the latest recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The practice's dedicated team of doctors is well-versed in the nuances of travel medicine, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your well-being during your adventures abroad.

Travel Vaccine Services

Northbridge Medical Practice goes beyond vaccinations; the practice is a comprehensive resource for all your travel health needs. Services encompass travel vaccinations tailored to specific countries, up-to-date travel information, malaria prevention, and culturally sensitive advice to mitigate accidents and injuries. Whether you're an individual, a family, or part of a corporate group, Northbridge Medical Practice provides personalised care to meet your unique travel health requirements.

Pre-Travel Consultation

Planning an overseas trip? Schedule a pre-travel consultation well in advance. The doctors at Northbridge Medical Practice can provide country-specific travel information, immunisation advice, and necessary medical certifications for prescription medications. Some vaccinations require a series of injections, so early planning is essential.

Equipped with details about your travel plans, including countries to be visited, length of stay, season, accommodation type, and travel style, your doctor can provide you with a detailed destination report. This personalised advice ensures you are well-prepared for the health considerations specific to your journey.

Contact reception or book an appointment online to discuss your travel plans with the practice's experienced doctors.

Reduce Your Risk

Did you know that one in two travellers faces the risk of a travel-related illness? Safeguard your health with a pre-travel medical checkup. The highly skilled doctors at Northbridge Medical Practice offer personalised advice to mitigate health risks, ensuring you're adequately protected throughout your journey.

Rest assured that all doctors at the practice are WHO-approved to administer yellow fever vaccinations, a crucial requirement for entry into certain countries. Your doctor can provide all necessary travel vaccines, antimalarials, medications, and travellers' health kits conveniently on-site.

For added convenience, Northbridge Medical Practice also has a Q Fever registered doctor available on-site five days a week. This underscores the practice's commitment to providing comprehensive travel health services for a worry-free travel experience.

Travel Health Products

It is a good idea to take along a medical kit with you when you travel. Many medical supplies obtainable overseas do not have as high quality control as in Australia. The items listed below are not usually included in commercial first aid kits. Prescription items are only available by doctor’s prescription. 

E2 Medical First Aid Kit

This kit is specific to any traveller rather than just a collection of bulky dressings. Affordable, lightweight, water resistant and ideal as a present yet useful for just about any traveller. Includes emergency supplies of Panadol, Betadine liquid, bandaids, sterile dressings, steristrips, conforming bandage, micropore, forehead thermometer, alcohol wipes, forceps and stainless steel blade scissors.

Gastro Medications

These medications can only be supplied directly by a doctor.

Gastro medications (basic) – oral rehydration and anti diarrhoea medications.

For developing countries, we provide five Gastro medications (advanced) for self-treatment of diarrhoea and vomiting where medical help is not accessible.

Gastrolyte Tablets (20)

Oral rehydration solution may make the difference between dehydration and a speedy recovery, especially for the young traveller. A must for any traveller.

Northbridge Medical Practice has specialist GPs to ensure the best healthcare on Sydney's North Shore

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