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The Northbridge Medical Practice Team

Together, the receptionists, nurses, and doctors at Northbridge Medical Practice form a cohesive team dedicated to providing not just healthcare, but a warm and supportive environment for every patient.
Your health journey at Northbridge Medical Practice is not just a visit; it's a partnership with a team that genuinely cares about you.
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Administrative Team at Northbridge Medical Practice

Administrative Team

Michelle joined Northbridge Medical in May 2021, bringing with her a wealth of experience from various management roles in the Specialist Medical sector, particularly in Ophthalmology, Occupational Health, and Chiropractic/Physiotherapy.

Before venturing into the medical field, Michelle enjoyed a successful career in hospitality, where she managed a café and a luxury restaurant.

In her leisure time, Michelle indulges in her passion for cooking, loves exploring new and exciting destinations, and cherishes moments spent with friends and family.

Michelle Watson

Practice Manager

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Reception Supervisor

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healthcare administration


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healthcare administration
Northbridge Medical Practice has experienced nurses to ensure the best healthcare on Sydney's North Shore



Vivian graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and became a registered nurse in August 2019. She started working as a practice nurse straightaway after graduation, bringing with her 4 years of experience in general practice.

Vivian has special interests in iron infusion, cannulation, and childhood immunisations. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and taking Pilates classes. Additionally, she delights in having Japanese classes on the weekends.




Sarah trained as a registered nurse in New Zealand and worked overseas as an RN before settling in Sydney with her family.


With extensive experience in hospitals and general practices over many years, Sarah also holds degrees in law and English Literature.


Beyond her professional pursuits, she has varied interests, including caring for her grandchildren and indulging in her love for travel.

Rie, a graduate of Hirosaki University in Japan with a nursing degree in 2008, worked at Tohoku Hospital for 6 years in the ICU and Digestive Systems unit.


Moving to Australia in 2018, she completed a Nursing bachelor's degree at the University of Wollongong in 2019. Since 2021, Rie has been contributing to GP practices.


In her free time and on weekends, she enjoys pastries and cakes at cafes.





Doctor at Northbridge Medical Practice checking pulse on patient's wrist using stethoscope
Dr Marilyn Uebel

Specialist GP

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Dr. Uebel is a graduate of Sydney University in both Medicine and Physiotherapy. With a rich background, Dr. Uebel has practiced in Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa before transitioning to become a General Practitioner in 1980.


Over the years, Dr. Uebel has worked in diverse practices and locations. With a keen interest in all branches of medicine, Dr. Uebel continues to bring a wealth of experience to the field.


Dr Marilyn Uebel is an employee of Northbridge Medical Practice.

Northbridge Medical Practice has specialist GPs to ensure the best healthcare on Sydney's North Shore

Meet the 

Specialist GPs

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