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Doctor at Northbridge Medical Practice checking pulse on patient's wrist using stethoscope

Patient Information

Northbridge Medical Practice is more than just a clinic; the practice is a dedicated, caring family of health enthusiasts. The practice's team of professionals are here to provide top-notch medical care, and will go beyond that! The practice has a fantastic lineup of Allied Health services, including psychologists, audiologists, and physiotherapists – all under one friendly roof.

New Patients

Book Your Appointment

Enjoy 24/7 access by utilising the online booking system through HotDoc. Whether it's midnight or midday, you have the flexibility to secure an appointment with just a few clicks.

For a more personal touch, feel free to give the friendly reception team a call during business hours at (02) 8962 9400. The reception team will be delighted to assist you in finding a suitable time for your visit.

What To Expect

Upon your arrival to the clinic, the practice's reception team will guide you through the seamless process for new patients. Feel free to ask for information on any queries you may have, and the receptionists and dedicated nursing team will provide you with the best advice possible.

Make Yourself At Home

Feel at ease in Northbridge Medical Practice's inviting waiting room where your comfort is prioritised. The practice offers designated seating for those with disabilities, ample space for wheelchairs and prams, and additional seating in the hallway for your convenience.


The practice is committed to creating a welcoming environment that extends to a family-friendly book exchange, a beloved feature in the practice community. Immerse yourself in the cozy armchairs of the information corner, surrounded by up-to-date information and informative posters.


It's a space where knowledge meets comfort, making your wait a pleasant and enriching experience at the practice.

Follow Up Appointments

Northbridge Medical Practice is committed to quality, care, and professionalism which extends to every aspect of your medical journey.


Should you have undergone tests that necessitate a follow-up, rest assured that the practice's team will proactively reach out to you. At Northbridge Medical Practice, the team understand the importance of timely communication and will ensure you are contacted promptly to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Home Visits

The team at Northbridge Medical Practice understands that there are times when coming to the surgery might be challenging due to illness. If you find yourself too unwell to make it to the clinic but still require the attention of a doctor, please reach out for help. Residents in the immediate Northbridge area may be able to arrange a home visit. Please get in contact and the team will do their best to arrange a visit from one of the practice's dedicated healthcare professionals.


For those residing outside the immediate area or in need of a doctor outside regular clinic hours, please contact the after-hours doctor service at 13 Sick (13 74 25). This service ensures that, regardless of the circumstances, you have access to medical care when you need it most.

Inclusive Healthcare

Northbridge Medical Practice takes immense pride in fostering an inclusive and welcoming healthcare environment. The doors are open to patients from all cultural and indigenous backgrounds, embracing a diverse range of religions, and proudly affirming the practice's status as an LGBTIQA+ friendly space. Your uniqueness is celebrated here, and the team at Northbridge Medical Practice strive to provide healthcare that is respectful, understanding, and tailored to your individual needs.

Diversity is not just a goal; it's the practice's strength. To ensure effective communication and understanding, Northbridge Medical Practice are delighted to have a diverse team of doctors and staff who are multilingual. Language offerings include English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, and Japanese. This linguistic diversity reflects the practice's commitment to breaking down language barriers and ensuring that everyone feels heard and understood.

Patient Feedback

If you ever have a question, praise or complaint regarding the practice's privacy handling please feel free to express your thoughts to the practice manager who will prioritise fixing any issue that may arise or provide you with any requested information you may like in regards to the practice's policies and procedures.

Patients can also leave a google review or follow the practice on Instagram @northbridgemedicalpractice

Friendly staff, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals at Northbridge Medical Practice

Meet the Northbridge Medical Practice Team

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